Here @ Mike’s ‘Same Day’ Courier service we are a small company but we can handle your biggest needs.

About me, my name is Bob.

No just kidding! My name is Mike. I am disabled but able to drive safely and even hold a D.O.T Physical card. I started this company to help myself not live on the governments dime, because I believe that disabled Americans can achieve their dreams if someone gives them a break.

I do pick up side jobs and that, hopefully is the reason for this site.  Because all my current contracts are all on-call I have time to fill most days.

I charge $1.10 a mile if I am driving my vehicle.

Discounts for repeat customers are available. Please contact me.

I charge .40 cents a mile if I am driving your vehicle. Example:

+ You need to move something and don’t have a license but can rent a u-hual truck or similar rental type vehicle.

+ You are a company and have a box truck but need a driver for a day or two.

  • I also do UBER.

My schedule:

Monday – Friday: 6am to 10am *Sometimes later.

Friday & Saturday nights: About 8pm –  till it slows down.

Some Sunday hours but they very.

Contact Us.

Office: 724-383-6008




Three River


In the Past I have had contracts with: